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Are Video Makers a Good Solution for Creating Explainer Videos?

Your business suffers from a drop in sales or the conversions on your website are poor? Maybe you’ve just launched a new product or service and want to present it to people in an easy-to-understand way?

There is an efficient solution for all these challenges – an explainer video. In less than a minute it will clearly explain to viewers why a business, service, or product is beneficial for them.

We at Swerkl Branding Studio have already created more than 1,300 explainer videos for different businesses in industries such as law, tourism, crypto, finance, marketing, and more. So how can you create an efficient explainer video?

What Are the Essential Steps in Creating an Efficient Explainer Video?

An efficient explainer video can raise conversions and sales if it is consistent with the brand it represents. It comprises the following steps.

  • scriptwriting;
  • style development;
  • storyboarding;
  • voiceover creation;
  • animation creation;

What Are Video Makers?

A video maker is a dedicated platform where people can compose different simple explainer and other videos for various purposes. Such makers already have a particular number of preexisting characters, preset animations, and computerized voices, so users can quickly and easily combine them and get a cheap product.

Sounds easy, but such makers have a great drawback – their poor quality and lack of human touch. Moreover, video makers are especially popular with less skilled freelancers who slap together these premade characters and pass off such products as their custom works.

An explainer video is a business’s hallmark because the first thing people watch is this video. So if a company has a good website, but the video on it is cheap, that will ruin the whole impression of the company.

What Tools to Use to Create an Efficient Explainer Video?

The best solution is to trust creative specialists. They have all the necessary tools to stylize by hand an explainer video (or a whiteboard animation video) for a specific brand. The specialists will work on your animation to make sure it’s unique and has a great impact.

Our experts at Swerkl Branding Studio create custom animated videos in any style – motion graphics, graphic design, 3D or 2D explainer videos, whiteboard animation. We also provide videos in different languages with human native speakers.

So if you need a custom explainer video, we will take you seamlessly through every step of video creation on our way to a great result. Fill the form on, and we will create an explainer video tailored specifically for your company.

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