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The Advantages of Keeping Your Website Design Minimalist

Many people – even those who already have a website – don’t know what site design works best for their business. What helps to convert? How to keep visitors from leaving after a few seconds?

Some business owners think that making your site flashy and eye-catching throughout is the answer. Yet, the opposite is true! Simple and uncomplicated designs keep up with trends today.

We at Swerkl Branding Studio have been developing websites for over 7 years. We’ve already created more than 850 sites, including large portals, E-commerce stores, business websites of any complexity. And in this article, we’re going to explain to you why web development in a minimalist style is a good business solution.

Ease of Understanding

According to research, about 80% of visitors who come to websites just scroll through and only 20% actually read the texts on the sites. When creating a custom website design, remember that even if the users don’t read the content, they should understand the key points about your product or service.

But how can you make this happen? Refuse unneeded ‘beautifications’ and make sure the main message reaches the visitors easily. Eye-catching elements are necessary for the most significant points; they shouldn’t be spread evenly over the entire page.

Also, try to place the content in the foreground and page center – it will be easier for users to read it. Thus, visitors will find your website more user-friendly and are more likely to visit it again in the future.

Ease of Navigation

The minimalist web design style excludes unnecessary information. This makes a site intuitive, and users don’t need much time to adapt to its interface. Thus, it’s much easier for them to navigate the site and get in touch for a quote or place their orders.

Here are some navigation tips for a website design in minimalist style:

  • Use only one navigation menu;
  • Make sure that the navigation menu is displayed on all pages;
  • Use additional navigation menus in sections so that the main menu is not too complicated;
  • Don’t use dropdown menus for navigation. Instead, try navigation elements in the design itself.

How Easy is it to Create a Minimalistic Design?

At first glance, minimalist design may seem easy to develop. Many business owners decide to create a website for their company on their own with no experience or knowledge about the subject. Often they end up cluttering the website with unwanted elements/information or missing some of the really important elements. This results in a website that looks cheap and unfinished.

In fact, minimalist web design development requires you to think over a convenient and consistent structure to the last detail, select suitable images, typography, icons and other elements that help communicate the main message to the users.

That’s why it’s certainly better to rely on specialists with good track record and who are up-to-date on the design trends. If you want to get a modern and user-friendly design, contact us. We will consider all your suggestions and recommendations and will offer cost-effective solutions to create a WordPress website at an attractive price and on favorable terms.

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