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Whiteboard Animation &
Explainer Videos Production

We find the best way to explain what you do
and why people should care.

Here’s how it works

Three easy steps to a great animated explainer.

The script

The script is the text that the voiceover artist will read. You can either send us the script - or commission us to do it.<br /> We study your brand and the required information, then condense it all into the duration you need. The optimal timing is from 60 to 90 seconds.<br /> As for the visual script - we will build it ourselves around your text script. Please see step 3 for more information on how it works.

The voiceover

Once the script is confirmed, we move on to voiceover production.<br /> We send you a selection of voices (male or female) in the language/accent you require. We fork in over 15 languages and in most accents (UK, Australian, Canadian French, etc).<br /> After you've made your choice, we have a great voiceover recorded.<br /> Please note: changes to the script after the voiceover is recorded incur additional charges for the rerecording.

The animation

The animation is timed to the voiceover, so that there's a perfect synchronization between the audio and the video.<br /> We create the first draft of the video and show it to you. You draw up a list of changes to be made - and we work on this first round of changes.<br /> We send you the second draft of the video. If there are still small fixes needed, you send us the list of changes - and this is the second round of changes.<br /> After that we send you the final version of the video.

Animated explainers and whiteboard animations

Get A Price

We always respond within a few hours maximum

How long will the video be?min
Will you need us to create the script?
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* We work with English, French, Spanish, Russian, German, Arabic, Portuguese, Chinese, Vietnamese, Swedish, Dutch, Finnish, Hebrew, Japanese, Polish, Greek, Korean.

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Other languages (optional) Once the video is ready, we can translate it (texts and the voiceover) to other languages and it costs a lot cheaper than making a new video. This way you can have your video in multiple languages and increase its outreach. The entire process takes roughly 2 weeks. It can be sped up for added charge, so that your project is placed ahead of the working queue.
Other versions (optional) Once the video is ready, we can create multiple versions of it. For example, when your service targets various cities, each city can have its unique mention in the video. Or if you target different age groups, the main character(s) can be changed. Or if you need to market various products within the same line. All the minor changes cost quite less than a new video, yet allow for a more targeted approach during the marketing campaign. The entire process takes roughly 2 weeks. It can be sped up for added charge, so that your project is placed ahead of the working queue.

Unique animated videos tailored to explain and promote your business.

Our professional team of video creators can deliver animated explainers and whiteboard animations of any complexity. In most cases we adhere to our style, which is showcased in the ‘Examples’ section below. It’s the most impactful way to deliver a message.

Creative solutions
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Easy to watch

Animated explainers help convey even comples messages in a simple way. it's easy to watch them, understand them and remember them.

Easy to promote

Animateds explainers achieve great levels of client conversion and retention. They're simple and effective.

Easy to produce

Animated explainers are cheap, which allows the production of a video each month, thus sustaining an effective marketing campaign.

Easy to scale

The videos can be created in multiple languages or with minor changes (targeting various cities or various age groups, for example), which makes them an even more effective tool.