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How an Explainer Video on a Website Can Increase Conversions

Did you know that it takes a visitor less than 3 seconds to decide whether to stay on a site or close it?

So all the beautiful design of your website, all the carefully crafted texts won’t, most probably, even be seen by the majority of your visitors. This is the sad reality of today’s world where people are in a rush and don’t like to read.

So what’s to be done? There is a solution that’s been proven to work like magic. An explainer video! Add it to the top of your site, so that it’s the first thing visitors see and click on. It will describe your service or product in an easy-to-understand way and turn those cold visitors into warm customers.

Here at Swerkl Branding Studio, we’ve been creating explainer videos for over seven years and have worked with more than 6,500 companies. Our works include custom animated videos in any style: motion graphic, graphic design, 3D or 2D videos, whiteboard animation. So what makes an explainer video such a powerful marketing tool?

Benefits of Explainer Videos

  1. Increase in sales. An explainer video can dramatically increase conversions on a site. A great example of this is Dropbox. During the five years since their beginning, they’d grown from 0 to 100 million users, and the explainer video played an important role in this — their landing page included only a video and a download button. Instead of reading long texts about what Dropbox was, users watched their short animated video presentation, learned their benefits, and, by the end of the video, were ready to become Dropbox users.
  2. Time and effort reduction. When a new business, product, or service is launched and others aren’t familiar with it, the company managers will spend a lot of time and effort talking to customers, answering their questions, and explaining the same things over and over again. An explainer video solves this issue: instead of talking to the managers, the site visitors can have their main questions answered in a sketch animation video.
  3. Business process and personnel’s work optimization. Now, when the managers don’t spend a lot of time on customers anymore, they can concentrate on other important work which, in turn, will boost the business flow.

When an Explainer Video Is Needed

  • A new business is established / a new product or service is launched on the market and needs to be clearly described to potential customers;
  • The work processes need to be streamlined;
  • The conversion rate is low, the bounce rate is high, and/or sales are poor.

Regardless of goals, making an explainer video isn’t easy. Video production includes scriptwriting, style development, storyboarding and animation, voiceover, music, sound design. When business owners do all this by themselves, this may not only take them nowhere but also deliver the opposite results (for example, a decrease in conversions due to a poorly made video that misrepresents their business or product).

Creating such an explainer video (or a whiteboard video) by a professional and cost-effective video production company would be a great solution. Skilled specialists at Swerkl Branding Studio know that it doesn’t matter what your product costs, what are its competitors, and what state the market is in. If your audience understands your product, you will get sales.

Get a professional video created right now. Fill the form on swerkl.com and receive a free consultation.

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