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We’re an audio production company that specializes in audio editing and enhancing.

We’ve done editing and enhancing of podcasts for some of the largest companies in the world and we work with the best hypnotherapists and podcasters around the globe. Our service is attentive and thorough.

audio production service


Is there hiss/buzz from your microphone in your recording? Or are there external noises and sounds – air conditioner hum, street noises getting in the way of your content? We can help with audio restoration of any complexity. Removing background noise is our specialty.

  • Remove wind noise
  • Click and Pop Removal
  • Hum and Hiss Removal
  • Crackle and Buzz Removal
  • De-Clipping Audio
  • Audio Cleaning
  • And Many Other Noisy Distractions…

We can also add royalty-free music and deliver a perfectly mixed track.


Our audio engineers have had years of experience crafting sound for films, music, radio stations recordings, podcasts, hypnotherapy sessions, guided meditations.

We will strive to clean up your audio recording in the most efficient possible without altering the content of the original recording.


When delivering a presentation, you need to make sure your message is delivered in the best way possible: not only rationally, but emotionally too. The voice is  mastered, debreathed, equalized – and music is added along with sound effects where applicable.

Music is the emotional timecode of the final video. The result is a presentation that’s engaging and appealing.


Without engaging music, sound effects and transitions a video might as well be a still photograph.

We offer creative approach to your videos to give your video the exact audio pairing it needs to hit the story home.

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