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It is difficult to put a uniform price tag on custom services we provide, yet here’s a very brief overview. Of course, please contact us with your project and we will make sure the quote fits your budget and answers to all your needs.

Video work can be from $150 for a simple video, from $250 for an animation video, from $350 for a more complex promo video. Shot videos depend a lot on the script and begin at $1.500.

Graphic design can be as low as $5 for background removal. Logo design is $95, flyers/banners/business cards are $35, labels are $95, image vectorization begins at $30. Bulk discounts apply (sometimes as much as 50%!).

Website design works depend a lot on the complexity and can be from $250 for a blog, from $380 for a website. Ecommerce, multilanguage sites and portals are more expensive and depend a lot on the amount of plugins/content.

Intros are $35 for templated solutions. Custom intros depend a lot on the requirements and can be from $150 to $550.

Translation costs depend on the language and begin at $0.025 per word.

Audio cleanup is $90 for 60 minutes. Music adding, mixing and mastering costs extra.

Voiceovers are $30 per minute (debreathaed, equalized and mastered).

Large projects require custom solutions and we always aim to tailor the quote to include every aspect, required for perfect delivery of the result, and then we always offer discounts.

We’re proud to say that 74% of our clients become regulars and work with us for many years. We hope you will too!


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