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AEBIOM – European Biomass Association

For the bioenergy international organisation we produced multiple explainer videos, promo materials and graphic works.

Making sure a long explainer about a complex topic is engaging and entertaining was a challenge which we managed to the clients’ 100% satisfaction.


For a multi-million dollar tech venture we created the portal that was integrated with their supersuccessful Indiegogo campaign.

We designed their 3d product renders. We created their promo videos. We reworked their logo.

We are proud to have been a part of the Dragonfly success.


For a start-up company we designed a multi-language website (3 languages), marketing videos in 2 languages, a logo, an intro and graphic materials. Full multimedia support.


During the pre-launch of the company, marketing videos were being released on a daily basis for 3,5 weeks. An average of 3 videos per day.

Some videos were shot, other videos were edited from footages and marketing materials. We edited the videos and then each video had to be translated to 15 languages, then a voiceover was recorded and synchronized, then the videos were dubbed and released.

All the accompanying marketing materials, company portal interface, compensation plans and webinars – everything was translated daily to 15 languages.

EASST Academy

The goal was to take 25 videos (promo materials, lectures, educational videos), have them translated from English to Russian, subtitled.

A separate deliverable result was to be the same videos, but dubbed. A synchronized voice-over was recorded for all videos, sound effects added and mixed.

All the lectures were further transcribed and translated, then edited for clarity.

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